Over a period of little more than ten years, the ForPrin.com site has had 1,000,000 visits. The rate of visits has picked up with nearly 300,000 over the last 12 months. In addition, associated sites theclimatebet.com received more than 60,000 visits since June 2007 and PollyVote.com received more than 70,000 visits since June of this year. We expect to have achieved a total of 2 million visits to the main site by no later than December 2011 as we continue to add content and features, and improve usability.

Michele Hibon has provided the justifiably famous M-, M2-, and M3-competition data sets in Excel format to make it easier for researchers to use them for testing alternative forecasting methods. The data are available on the Researchers’ page under Data.

Section on Mass Media

- Of general interestA section on "Mass Media" has been added to incorporate interesting news of interest to forecasters. The first item deals with forecasts of demand for convention centers.

  • Forecasting Dictionary Improvement (December 30, 2002) - Of general interest

    An alphabetical listing of all terms defined in the Dictionary has been added to the Dictionary search page - this will allow you to page through the definitions of interest to you or to find a term you have been unable to find intuitively through the search function.