A new undergraduate textbook on time-series forecasting by Gloria González-Rivera (University of California, Riverside) titled "Forecasting for Economics and Business" is now out. For more information, see here.
The International Symposium on Forecasting 2012 Program Committee invites the submission of abstracts related to the theory and practice of forecasting. The deadline for abstract submissions is March 16, 2012. To submit an abstract, click here.
Applications are invited for a two-year post-doctoral position to commence early in 2012, funded by the Lanacster Research Centre for Forecasting.

You should have the potential to develop academic and applied research of international standard; research interest and expertise should include the areas of time series forecasting... preferably in the context of management science, operational research or operations management. For more information, see job, person, and further information.

Scott Armstrong offered to bet Al Gore that global mean temperatures would be closer to the 2007 average over the following ten years than they would be to the IPCC projection of a 0.03C per-year increase. Gore refused the bet but...

The PollyVote team has completed the first survey of election experts forecasts of the 2012 U.S. presidential election outcome. The 15-member expert panel predicts a very close election with President Barack Obama winning 50.7% of the popular vote. Details are available at PollyVote.com.