Abstracts for the 25th European Conference on Operational Research' Forecasting Stream are due by the 29th of February. For details of the conference, to be held in Vilnius from July 8, see the Conferences Page.
PollyVote, the sucessful election forecasting method, relies on combining forecasts. An update of a working paper that describes the PollyVote approach and sucess is available from the PollyVote.com pages here. Oh, and Polly's latest forecast for the US Presidential election is available here.
Lancaster University is looking to further strengthen it's Forecasting Centre with a new position of full professor and chair in Management Sciences. The Department of Management Science is host to the Lancaster Centre for Forecasting, where the successful applicant would work with Professor Robert Fildes, Dr. Sven Crone, Dr. Nikolaos Kourentzes, and Dr. Nikos Pavlidis. Further details on the position can be found here.
An "Interview of J. Scott Armstrong" by Fred Collopy is to be published in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Forecasting. In the interview, ForPrin.com founder and Director Scott Armstrong describes his life in forecasting from before the founding of the International Institute of Forecasters and up to the present day. You can read the interview here.
The movie Moneyball marks an important event is explaining how forecasting methods can lead to better personnel predictions. See "Moneyball for managers: Paul Meehl's legacy" by Scott Armstrong. This op-ed is based on a paper to be published in Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting.