28-30 June 2010                                St Anne’s College, OxfordUK



In a world that is increasingly riven by conflict, often involving emergent non-state factions in rapidly changing patterns of inter-relationship, the need for rigorous conflict analysis is more pressing than ever.  However, to be robust and insightful, such analysis must be informed by the wide range of disciplines - including mathematics and decision sciences, diplomacy and international relations, peace and war studies, anthropology and psychology, military and political science, linguistics and communication studies - whose scholars presently engage with the topic of confrontation.  This conference, the 4th in an established and successful series hosted by the IMA will, like its predecessors, provide a forum for sharing the latest thinking in these disparate fields and for building multidisciplinary links between conflict researchers.   

The theme of the present conference is the process of conflict transformation.  When conflict analysts focus upon specific episodes within what are usually protracted and complex networks of interaction, they may easily lose sight of relevant issues in the spatial, temporal or causal environment.  Furthermore the processes by which confrontation may transform into collaboration, or co-operation may degenerate into conflict, are central both to conflict escalation and conflict resolution.  The conference will therefore be concerned with the dynamics of conflict processes and will include wide-ranging interpretations and explorations of this theme. 

There is a secondary emphasis.  Rather than separating the analytical activity from its 'real world' impact there is a preference that those contributing to this event should demonstrate attention to the actions that their work informs. The means by which this is achieved may range from facilitating workshops or running simulations to experimentation and interactive modelling, and presentations may describe such activities.      

This is an international event and will attract contributors from many countries. The conference is intended as a meeting place for those who operate directly in arenas of conflict (e.g. the military, staff of NGOs, mediators), those who provide support or advice (e.g. analysts, contractors, counsellors) and others who offer theoretical concepts and practical frameworks for handling conflict (e.g. academic researchers).



Topics include:

  • Conflict: concepts and theory
  • Modelling and analysing conflict
  • Group decision and negotiation
  • Processes of confrontation and collaboration
  • Conflict resolution and peace-building
  • Collective action addressing conflictual issues
  • Simulation and role play
  • Evaluation and assessment
  • Information architectures and technologies
  • Specific conflicts


Scientific Committee:

·         Dr Amer Obeidi (University of WaterlooCanada)

·         Gordon Burt (Open UniversityUK)

·         Mary Cranell (Idea Sciences, Washington DC)

·         Dr Orit Gal (Chatham House, London)

·         Dr Deborah Goodwin (RMA, Sandhurst)

·         Dr Jason Levy (Virginia Commonwealth UniversityUSA)

·         Prof Hugh Miall (University of KentUK)

·         Andy Pickup (DstlUK)

·         Dr Suman Sensarma (The Louis Berger Group, India)

·         Dr Russ Vane III (IBM, USA)


Organising Committee:

·         Prof Jim Bryant (Sheffield Business SchoolUK) (Conference Chair)

·         Colin Irwin (DstlUK)

·         Prof Marc Kilgour (Wilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada)


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Call for papers:

Abstracts should be submitted online at or emailed to the conference officer:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Closing date for Abstracts: 8th January 2010
Notification of Acceptance: 15th February 2010



Scientific enquiries should be made to:

Prof Jim Bryant (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Sheffield Business School, City Campus, SheffieldS1 1WBU.K.

General enquiries concerning conference arrangements should be sent to:

Amy Marsh (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, Catherine Richards House, 16 Nelson Street, Southend-on-Sea,EssexSS1 1EFU.K. Tel: +44 (0)1702 354020




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