Reviews of Important Papers on Forecasting,
1985-1995 Reviews
Review of:

Tom W. Smith and Frederick D. Weil (1990), ‘Finding public opinion data: A guide to sources,’ Public Opinion Quarterly, 54, 609-626.

Survey research has been conducted for about six decades. Over time, increasing attention has been paid to how to store these tens of thousands of surveys covering hundreds of thousands of questions and millions of respondents. This information can reveal trends over time for various attitudes, opinions, and behavior. This, in turn, might help in forecasting changes in attitudes, opinions and behavior. Such forecasts could be useful to marketing people and to those involved with public policy. For example, surveys on AIDS are available since 1983. The survey results are stored in various places. Smith and Weil provide a guide to locating this information through archives, survey organizations, and publications. For the archives in the US, Europe, and elsewhere, they list postal addresses, phone numbers, and electronic mail addresses. The list of publications provides full citations, but no other description. This is a valuable source.