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Presidential Elections Panels

  • "Prediction Market Accuracy in the Long Run*," Joyce Berg, Forrest Nelson and Thomas Rietz - Full text
  • "The Economy and the Presidential Vote: What Leading Indicators Reveal*," Robert S. Erikson, Christopher Wlezien - Full text
  • "Forecasting Presidential Elections: When to Change the Model?,"Michael S. Lewis-Beck, Charles Tien - Full text
  • "Forecasting the US Presidential Elections: A State-By-State Pooled Time Series Model," Bruno Jerome, Véronique Jerome-Speziari - Full text
  • "Campaign Trial Heats as Election Forecasts: Measurement Error and Bias in 2004 Presidential Campaign Polls,"Mark Pickup, Richard Johnston - Full text
  • "Forecasting the Presidential Primary Vote: Multi-Candidate, Sequential Elections," Wayne P. Steger - Full text
  • "Evaluating U.S. Presidential Election Forecasts and Forecasting Equations," James E. Campbell - Full text
  • "Forecasting the 2008 Presidential Election with the Time for Change Model," Alan I. Abramowitz - Full text
  • "The Keys to the White House: Updated Forecast for 2008," Allan J. Lichtman - Full text
  • "The State of Presidential Election Forecasting in 2004," Randall J. Jones, Jr. - Full text