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Can you help us to improve the site by making a donation towards improving the functionality of the site's free Delphi Software forecasting tool?

You may have noticed the new "Donate" tab in the banner at the top of the site. The Forecasting Principles site is provided as a public service for forecasters, researchers, teachers, students, and the consumers of forecasts. To provide this service, including the Special Interest Groups, we depend on sponsorship and advertising. Sponsorship was initially provided by The Wharton School. In more recent years, the International Institute of Forecasters has been and continues to be a generous sponsor and the site's key supporter.

The site's current revenue is not, however, sufficient to cover the cost of improving, extending, and developing forecasting support software tools such as the Delphi Software. For example, users of the Delphi software have asked for the ability to modify questions and change reporting, and to obtain more of the data that is collected in different formats.

Please check out the Donate page. Even a $10 donation would help us to keep improving the site for you.

Scott Armstrong
Kesten Green